COSSAN Highlights

Fulfills the needs of an innovative software

The quantification of uncertainties and risks is a key requirement and challenge across various disciplines. Perform stochastic analyses using the same software and tools used for the deterministic design in order to reduce the learning curve considering explicitly the effects of uncertainties.

Advanced Algorithm and HPC

The most advanced and recent algorithms coupled with the parallel High Performance Computing features for the rational quantification and propagation of uncertainties allows to reduce the computational cost for the stochastic analysis.

Open Source

The OPENCOSSAN project aims to promote learning and understanding of non-deterministic analysis through the availability of a free and open computational toolbox in Matlab environment. Programmed in object-oriented fashion, it provides an intuitive, flexible, expandable and powerful toolbox for dealing with uncertainty. The combination of various algorithms with specific solution sequences permits the analysis of different engineering and scientific problems.

Go Beyond

The new version has an improved ability to connect with 3rd party libraries. In addition, COSSAN is also available as compiled Java or Python library. This allows royalty-free integration of the software with other programming languages. Users can take advantages of COSSAN algorithms and capability without the need of MATLAB.

Our Software


An invaluable tool for uncertainty quantification and management.


A general purpose software package for uncertainty quantification and management, sensitivity optimization and reliability analysis.


A tool that uses artificial intelligence and signal processing to monitor nuclear power plants and to predict the dispersion of radioactivity in time and space.

Our Work


Every year we hold training events, many in different parts of the world. Have a look at our past events and register your interest.

Case Studies

A collection of case studies that utilise COSSAN Software.


A bi-annual hackfest dedicated to the development of COSSAN software.