Beam (Optimization)

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Matlab.png This tutorial is also available for Matlab in:
echodemo TutorialBeamOptimization.m

Problem definition

This example has been ispired by the Ansys Tutorial available [1]

The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce a method of solving design optimization problems. This will involve creating the geometry utilizing parameters for all the variables, deciding which variables to use as design, state and objective variables and setting the correct tolerances for the problem to obtain an accurately converged solution in a minimal amount of time. The use of hardpoints to apply forces/constraints in the middle of lines will also be covered in this tutorial.

A beam has a force of 1000N applied as shown below.


The purpose of this optimization problem is to minimize the weight of the beam without exceeding the allowable stress. It is necessary to find the cross sectional dimensions of the beam in order to minimize the weight of the beam. However, the width and height of the beam cannot be smaller than 10mm. The maximum stress anywhere in the beam cannot exceed 200 MPa. The beam is to be made of steel with a modulus of elasticity of 200 GPa.

Deterministic Model


GZIP-32x32.png Ansys Command File Mode

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