Beam 3-point bending ((Simulation)

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Here simulation analysis will be performed with the Simply Supported Beam model.

Creation of a physical model

A physical model has to be defined to link the evaluator with the inputs.

Creation of the physical model.

Monte Carlo simulation

The model previously defined is used to preform a Monte Carlo simulation. A Simulation analysis is started.

Wizard of the analysis.

The Monte Carlo simulation is performed using 100 samples.

Wizard of the simulation analysis. Start of a Monte Carlo simulation with 100 samples

Execution time

The execution time of a Simulation depends mainly from the number of samples, the use of parallel processing and the performance of the computer used.

A simulation was run with 100 samples using an Intel Pentium D 3.00 GHz processor. The execution time for several software is listed in the table below.

Matlab script Nastran Abaqus Ansys
10 s 175 s 625 s 250 s

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