Beam 3-point bending (Evaluator)

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This section explains how to prepare an evaluator for the beam in 3-point bending problem. This model will be used later on for simulation and reliability analysis. First a Matlab script will be used. Later a finite element code will be used to solve the same problem.

Matlab script

The model can be described using a Matlab script. The procedure is described in the following page:

Beam 3-point bending (Matlab_script)

Third party software

The example of a beam in three points bending will be studied using the commercial software Nastran, Abaqus, Ansys and Feap.

Any analysis using a third-party software requires to perform the following operations:

  • Preparation of the input file.
  • Definition of a connector to the third party software.
  • Preparation of the injector. The quantities of interest are replaced by identifiers.
  • Preparation of the extractor. Data are extracted from the output file of the third party software.

Connector to Nastran

Beam 3-point bending (Connector Nastran)

Connector to Abaqus

Beam 3-point bending (Connector Abaqus)

Connector to Ansys

Beam 3-point bending (Connector Ansys)

Connector to Feap

Beam 3-point bending (Connector Feap)

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