Beam 3-point bending (overview)

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Matlab.png This tutorial is also available for OpenCossan in:
echodemo TutorialBeam3PointBendingMatlab
echodemo TutorialBeam3PointBendingNastran
echodemo TutorialBeam3PointBendingAnsys
echodemo TutorialBeam3PointBendingAbaqus

Cossan image.jpg Tutorial for COSSAN-X
File -> New -> Tutorial -> Tutorial 2. Beam 3-point bending (see also Import Tutorial)

This example considers a beam in three points bending. It will be studied using several third-party software and various toolboxes from COSSAN-X.

Beam3pt bending.png

The presentation of the mechanical model and its implementation in the different toolboxes are in the pages linked below.

The model is analysed using either a Matlab script or using a third party finite element software (Nastran, Abaqus and Ansys).

Then simulation analysis is performed to investigate the effects of the uncertainties on the mid-span displacement.

Finally the tutorial shows how to perform reliability analysis using this example.

Both the uncertainty quantification and the reliability analysis can be executed on the grid using High Performace Computing

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