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Main Page
COSSAN-X Command Line Interface
Launch COSSAN-X with X2GO
Run COSSAN-X on Linux
What's new
12-Storey Building (Patran Plug-in)
Antenna Tower
Antenna Tower (Analysis of the results)
Antenna Tower (Inner loop model definition)
Antenna Tower (Optimization Problem definition)
Beam (Optimization)
Beam 3-point bending (Connector Abaqus)
Beam 3-point bending (Connector Ansys)
Beam 3-point bending (Connector Feap)
Beam 3-point bending (Connector Nastran)
Beam 3-point bending (Evaluator)
Beam 3-point bending (HPC)
Beam 3-point bending (Inputs Preparation)
Beam 3-point bending (overview)
Beam 3-point bending (Presentation)
Beam 3-point bending (Reliability)
Beam 3-point bending (Simulation)
Bike Frame
Bitcoin Monte Carlo Tutorial
Bridge Model
Bridge Model (Model Definition)
Building (SFEM)
Cable crane
Cantilever Beam
Cantilever Beam (Reliability Analysis)
Cantilever Beam (Reliability Based Optimization)
Cantilever Beam (Reliability)
Cantilever Beam (Sensitivity Analysis)
Cantilever Beam (Uncertainty Quantification)
Cantilever Plate (Patran Plug-in)
Cargo Crane
Cyclist problem
Gaussian Mixture Random variables Set (tutorial)
Infection Dynamic Model
Infection Dynamic Model (Analysis of the results)
Infection Dynamic Model (Global Sensitivity Analysis - GUI)
Infection Dynamic Model (Model Definition GUI)
Ishigami Function
Ishigami Function (Connector)
Parallel System
Parallel System (problem definition)
Parallel System (Reliability Analysis)
Plate with edge cracks (Fatigue and Fracture)
Short Column
Short Column (Sensitivity Analysis)
Short Column (Uncertainty Quantification)
Simply Supported Beam (Optimization)
Small Satellite
Small Satellite (DOE)
Small Satellite (SFEM - Modal)
Small Satellite (SFEM - Static)
Spring Example
Squid Infection Model
Truss Bridge Structure
Turbine Blade
Turbine Blade (Patran Plug-in)
Turbine Blade (SFEM - Collocation PC)
Turbine Blade (SFEM)
Approximate Reliability Analysis Methods
Beta distribution
Boolean Algebra
Crack propagation models using fracture mechanics approach
Cross Entropy
Cut Sets
Design of Experiments
Design point
Discretization of Random Fields
Distributed computing
Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspace
Evolution Strategy
Fatigue and Fracture
Fault Tree
Fault Tree Analysis
Frequency domain analysis
Gamma distribution
Genetic Algorithms
Global Sensitivity
Gradient Estimation
Halton Sampling
Importance sampling
Job Manager
Latin Hypercube Sampling
Line sampling
Linear elastic fracture mechanics
Local Sensitivity
Markov Chains
Mean Time Between Failures
Mode based Meta-model
Monte Carlo Gradient Estimation
Monte Carlo simulation
Nataf Model
Nataf transformation
Neumann Expansion Method
Neural Network
Non-parametric model
Parallel computing
Performance function definition
Perturbation Method
Polyharmonic spline
Polynomial Chaos (P-C) Expansion Method
Random fields
Random process
Random variable sets
Random variables
RBO using Global Response Surface
RBO using Local Response Surface
Reliability Based Optimization
Reliability Block Diagram
Reliability index
Representation of Non-Gaussian Random Fields
Response surface
Safety Margin
Simulated Annealing
Simulation methods
Sobol indices
Sobol Sampling
Spectral Representation Method
Standard Normal Space
Stochastic Finite Element Methods
Subset simulation
System Reliability Analysis
Time domain analysis
Uncertainty Analysis
Cossan-X User manual
Overview User Manual
Plot Outputs (summary)
Programming Guidelines
CossanX UML Diagram
Unit Test