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This section provides the links to basic step-by-step guides, detailing the processes required to install COSSAN-X onto your computer. The OpenCOSSAN Engine is an invaluable tool for uncertainty quantification and management representing the core of the COSSAN software, while COSSAN-X is a software package developed to make the concepts and technologies of uncertainty quantification and risk analysis available. The below guides offer a walk through guide to get the software up and running on your computer, and provides detailed guides on installation for operating systems; Windows, Linux and MacOS.

At the bottom of the page, users can also find the links to several further pages detailing information on the running of the software, known bugs within the software packages and some basic information on the importing of tutorials. The below pages provide users with the basic information needed to get started using the software packages.


* COSSAN-X requires a valid licence to be used

COSSAN-X for New Users

COSSAN-X for users with purchased license, a good place to start

COSSAN-X for UoL Risk CDT students

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