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High Performance Computing

Since the stochastic analysis methods are in general computationally demanding and require multiple consequtive analysis, to decrease the overall analysis time by exploiting the parallel computation methods is very crucial.

In this context, these algorithms are expected take advantage of the availability of large number of cores and the heterogeneity of the grid computing, i.e. submitting a specific task to a specific hardware in order to reduce the wall-clock time significantly.

COSSAN-X offers the possibility to perform stochastic analysis adopting the immense computational power and the great opportunity provided by grid computing. In fact, grid computing offers more flexibility at relatively low costs than the traditional parallel execution.

Furthermore, by interfacing with grid managers it is possible to distribute the execution of the analysis on the available (remote) resources on a computer grid and to maximize the use of the available licenses, while reducing the execution time (wall clock time) of the analysis task.

Further Information

  • For further information please visit the high performance computing (HPC) section available through the theory manual. Please click the following link to access this information [[1]]

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