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Welcome to OpenCossan !


About OpenCossan

The OpenCossan  Engine represents the core of all the COSSAN software. All the algorithms and methods have been coded in a Matlab toolbox allowing numerical analysis, reliability analysis, simulation, sensitivity, optimization, robust design and much more.

Furthermore, released under the LGPL license, the engine can be used, modified and redistributed free of charge. It is supported by an extensive range of documents and tutorials.

Use the name with capital O and capital C only: OpenCossan 

These are the official logos of OpenCossan



The OpenCossan user guide will offer users all the information required to get started using the software.

Firstly, welcome to the OpenCossan User guide - a place to learn how to perform high fidelity analysis, uncertainty quantification and risk management! With OpenCossan you can perform realistic and reliable stochastic analysis of your model, identify most critical components, optimise it and and more using a simple graphical user interface! Coded in Matlab environment it provide an invaluable tools to support your research.

To get started using OpenCossan simply click on Category:OpenCossan Getting Started and start your journey. From here you can access many handy guides and links to relevant theory and examples. These range from, in depth, step-by-step guides on installing the software packages onto your machine, to detailed tutorials demonstrating the capabilities of the software packages.

So simply select the link you require from below and enjoy the journey!

Using OpenCossan

OpenCossan  can only be used through Matlab, and runs via command line interface.

By running OpenCossan  through the command line interface, this enables both users and researchers to modify the pre-written solution sequences, as well as enabling users to explore data and implement new algorithms, plus more. This offers the ability to simply create custom tools, which enable the solution of specialised problems. This interaction method is especially offered to provide a high-level programming environment for advanced users.

The stable version of OpenCossan is available on the Risk Cluster under


Alternatively, users can run Cossan-X ! This could be prove more suitable if you wish to access a more user-friendly and intuitive interface. Information can be found at the page Category:COSSAN-X



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