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ID Name
Solver Analysis type Preview
13 6-Storey Building In this example, the variation of the stresses of a structural model with random model parameters are computed by means of MonteCarlo simulation.
  • Relibility Analysis
  • Local Sensitivity Analysis
  • High Performance Computing
14 Car Model

In this example, the sensitivity of the eigenfrequency of a mechanical model is calculated using a simulation-based gradient algorithm.  The physical model comprises a car body in white. The target  eigenfrequency corresponds to the first torsional mode of the car body. The sensitivity of this quantity is calculated with respect to the thicknesses of the different parts of the car body.

  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Local Sensitivity Analysis
  • High Performance Computing
15 GOCE satellite In this example, sensitivity analysis is applied to a full satellite model. It involves the Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) satellite, whose aim is the determination of the geoid and to measure the gravitational field of Earth with a very high degree of accuracy in a low Earth orbit. Nastran
  • Global Sensitivity Analysis
  • Meta-Modelling
  • High Performance Computing
16 Cylindrical Shell This example show how to perform robustness optimization of a cylindrical shell Abaqus
  • Robustness optimization
17 Suspension Arm Optimisation of the weight of a suspension arm, considering the maximum Von Mises stress as a side inequality constraint. The parametric model is created and meshed using Salome; the finite element solver is code aster. Pre-processing: Salome
Finite-element: Code Aster
  • Optimization
18 Power Network Optimal allocation of renewable generators within a power grid under budget constraint and accounting for weather uncertainty and load variability. The objective is to find the best mix of renewable generators types and position in the network which minimizes a combination of the expected operative cost and expected Energy-not-Supplied to the customers. Matlab.png
  • Robust Design Optimization

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