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Document Conventions

Please use the following Templates.

For templates to be effective, users need to find them, and find out how to use them.

To find them, users can:

  1. Click Special Pages > All Pages
  2. In the Namespace list, choose Template and click Go.
Warning.png This is a Warning
A Warning should not be ignored. Ignoring warnings will most likely cause execution error and data loss.

Important.png This is Important
Important boxes detail things that are easily missed or misinterpreted. Ignoring Important boxes won't cause data loss or execution exceptions but may cause irritation and frustration

Bulbgraph.png This is a tip
Ignoring a note should have no negative consequences, but you might miss out on a trick that makes your life easier.

Matlab.png Interactive section only
Command that can be run only using an interactive Matlab session shuold be placed in this box.

Cossan image.jpg GUI only
Command that can be used only from the Graphical User Interface.

Linux.png For Linux users
good luck!

Windows.png For Windows users
no way guy!

Mac.png For Mac Users
well, well what?

PDFbook.png Download as a PDF

Add quality control to the page

Imbox content.png Please improve this article by expanding it.
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Imbox style.png This article may require cleanup to meet quality standards. Please improve this article if you can..
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{{expansion| my text here}} {{unreferenced}} {{cleanup}} {{restructure}} {{Very long}} {{technical}} {{License|Explanation goes here}} {{Split| page 1 | page 2}} {{outdated| message}} {{attention| message}}

Wiki Commands

To enter the boxes displayed above use the following WIKI command:

 {{warning|your text}}
 {{important|your text}}
 {{tip|This is a tip title|your text}}
 {{matlab|your title|your text}}
  {{gui|your title|your text}}
 {{linux|your title|your text}}
 {{windows|your title|your text}}
 {{mac|your title|your text}}
 {{license|Explanation goes here}}

that it!

Useful commands =

  • To produce this effect Strike out use:
 <strike>Strike out</strike>

Useful links:

Magic words

Magic words are strings of text that MediaWiki associates with a return value or function, such as time, site details, or page names. This page is about usage of standard magic words; for a technical reference, see Manual:Magic words.


To enter a latex formula use the following marker:

 <math> \frac{\alpha^2}{\Phi}=\sqrt{\sum_{i=1}^{n} a_i}  </math>


 \frac{\alpha^2}{\Phi}=\sqrt{\sum_{i=1}^{n} a_i}

Insert figure

You can find the how-to here Basically to include a figure use the following syntax


Disabling FCKeditor For One Page

To disable FCKeditor for one page or article in a wiki, add this "magic word" to the beginning of the page:


Note that there are two (2) underscore characters at each end of the magic word. If you're in doubt, copy the word from this page and paste it into the one you're editing.

How to convert a Latex file

A python script can be use to convert a Latex page into a wiki. The Python script can be found in the following directory or downloaded from here File:Latex2wiki.txt and renamed it to


From the command line, run

python < yourLatexFile.tex >

then paste the contents of into an editing window of the wiki.

How to use cross-reference

To include a number in the equation and figure use the following systax:

  <equation id="eqn:first-equation">
  <math>\frac{1}{2} =  0.5</math>

  <figure id="fig:first-figure">

\frac{1}{2} =  0.5

Use the following syntax to refer to figures and equation:

 <xr id="eqn:first-equation">Equation %i</xr>
 <xr id="fig:first-figure">Fig %i</xr>

Here an example:

Please refer to Equation 1, and Fig 1

Convertion of Spreadsheet to Wiki table format

See the following link: [2]