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based on the results of a google translate of the subroutine description, 'b_altber.for' contains the subroutine altber, and it: "reads the result on the chosen (found) nodes in the fuzzy input range and update the results (restart)"

subroutine altber



Source files included

Modules used


Subroutines called

global variables used

  • Integer:
    • zeilin
    • zeialt
    • erganz
    • knotnr
    • fuzmax
    • reckon
    • ergenr
    • ende
    • ergmax
      • ergmax is declared as a constant within fanalys.inc, and its value is 30.
  • 42 character string:
    • fzwina
  • Double precision
    • knoerg
    • vektor (has length ergmax, which is initialised as 30)
    • verbes (has length 1000000)

variables declared

  • Logical:
    1. rejane