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Module ergkon

check the results against the data on fzwina (1) and fzwina ( 2)

parameterized I-1 All results are checked in the target increment . The improvement is the result of the affected optimization additionally included in the fuznam (6)

Subroutines Called

Custom Subroutines

Types Created

Global Variables within this module

constants initialised

variables declared

Standard types

  • type Integer:
    1. parame
    2. spalnr
    3. i
    4. j
    5. k
    6. knotnu
    7. ergnum
    8. alpnum
    9. optnr
    10. optzal
    11. hff (of length 2)
    12. fuzznr
  • type Double Precision:
    1. hff1 (of length maxfuz+4 (maxfuzz is not declared in this module))
    2. hff2 (of length maxfuz+4 (maxfuzz is not declared in this module))
  • type Logical:
    1. zulass
    2. besser
    3. oldnew

Standard allocatable types

Custom types