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This text file contains the source code for the subroutine evopti. google translate gives us the following description (to be improved where possible)

solution of the optimization problem for an optimization goal with the modified evolution strategy

After the optimization is always the current knokoo field file fzwina (2 ) and all input files with altered variables written.

subroutine evopti


  • erskno

Variables declared

  • Integer:
    1. if1
    2. weiter
    3. rec
    4. wosohi
    5. spalnr
    6. lokanz
    7. alp
    8. a
    9. i
    10. zeile
    11. fuznr
    12. knobeg
    13. iwert
  • Logical:
    1. fehler
    2. knober
    3. erstri
    4. feswer
    5. erskno
    6. gleikn

Global variables used



modules used


source files included

  • fanalys.inc
    • Fanalys.inc is used by this program to initialise global constants and declare global variables. The global constants are often used to describe the dimensions of the global variables declared.

Subroutines Called


  • msgrea
    • source not found.
  • fehfuz
  • inreun
    • source not found.
  • Nullin
    • source not found.
  • knovor
    • Scanning the vicinity of the new node after existing nodes that are only updated
    • Scanning of the current record from fzwina (1)
    • Loop over more records from fzwina (1)
    • knosuc
      • "check whether the found node in the current optimization problem has already been treated once" (what does it mean by node?)
      • loop over existing node in the current record
      • loop over all nodes coordinate and control the distance from random dot and the admissibility regarding the range limits.
  • Neuber
  • altber
    • "reads the result on the chosen (found) nodes in the fuzzy input range and update the results (restart)"
  • dpreun
    • source not found.
  • neukev
    • matlab version available
    • appears to be vital to the cross over function.
  • auswev
    • IMPORTANT!!! work it out!
  • knspei
    • Store intermediate results at the current node




  • line 97 to 98 contain the following comment (translated into english via google translate:
c *** repeat start until a node is found , for which no *******
c *** error occurs , or the maximum number of siblings is reached *****
  • This comment describes a repeat in the code, but is not next to any flow control statements or labels, for example the nearest label above is at line 86, and is labeled as '222 CONTINUE', and the nearest label below is at line 107 and is labeled as '10 CONTINUE'.