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b_fanaly_si.for appears to be the top level functional subroutine. It contains onlt one subroutine (fanaly). fanaly appears to contain lots of filename and file manipulation code.

subroutine fanaly

Variables Initialised


Note that all text taken from comments was translated using google translate or similar.

  1. (line 0 - 31) declares the subroutine name, the modules and source files it uses/includes, and then finally initialises its variables.
  2. (line 32 - 39) Contains line labels, each of which has a format statement. These are used with the write comment, allowing the variables to appear as desired.
  3. (line 44 - 49) TBD
  4. (line 50 - 64) Creates a 'fehler.dat' if none exists, then deletes it.
    • presumably because it wants to ensure that it does not exist, so it is easier to create a blank file (which will overwrite the previous version of the file), then delete it.
  5. (line 65 - 67) sets COUNT to 1 and recnr to -1.
    • Comment text:additional variables of the fuzzy analysis



fname appears to be the location on the file system of the project file, which contains input data which this software will use for its optimisation algorythm. This technically means that fname is pointing to the actual parameters.

Modules Used

Source Files Included

Subroutines Called





nothing (it does however manipulate many files.)