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This text file stores the source code from knspei.

subroutine knespei

The documentation (after being translated to english via google translate) store the intermediate results at the current node Registry of the calculated node When solving improvement : About Wearing the intermediate results on the result vector and holding the node coordinates Save on result files



  • Integer
    1. wasspe
  • Logical
    1. feswer
      • feswer was initilised in evopti and assigned as "False". Under certain conditions within evopti, it can be reassigned as True. feswer is also used as an input for other subroutines, but it is not currently clear whether these subroutines mutate or access feswer.
      • Within this subroutine it is only tested once, on line 46 of the fortran source code.
    2. fehler

Output (pointer)

Variables declared

Global variables used


Call information

This subroutine is called twice from evopti, with the following arguments entered.

  • first call, line 164:
    • Parameter Argument
    • wasspe -- 3
    • feswer -- feswer
    • fehler -- fehler
  • second call, line 291:
    • Parameter Argument
    • wasspe -- 1
    • feswer -- feswer
    • fehler -- fehler

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