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The letter 'B' is the second letter in the Latin alphabet.

Serie B

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Serie B is the name of the second highest football league in Italy. It consists of 22 teams. The championship is often called the cadetti.

Serie B was composed until the 2002-2003 season of 20 teams, then was enlarged for the 2003-2004 season to 24 teams, due to legal problems relating to Calcio Catania relegation. The league reverted to 22 teams for the 2004-2005 season, while Serie A expanded from 18 to 20 teams.

During the regular season, each team plays 42 games - 2 each against every opponent, home and away. In Italian football, a true round-robin format is used. In the first half of the season, called 'andata', each team will play one time against all its opponents, a total of 21 games. In the second half of the season, called 'ritorno', each team will play the exact same teams in the exact same order, the only difference being that a home game played in the first half will be an away game with that same team in the second half, and visa versa.

Promotion and Relegation

At the end of the season, three teams are promoted to Serie A and four teams are relegated to Serie C1. The top two teams are automatically promoted. If the 3rd-placed team is 10 or more points ahead of the 4th-placed team, it too is automatically promoted, otherwise the 3rd through 6th-placed teams enter a playoff tournament to determine the other team that will be promoted.

If the playoff conditions exist, the first round pairs the 3rd-placed team vs the 6th-placed team and the 4th-placed team vs the 5th-placed team in a double-leg series with the higher classified team having home-field advantage in the 2nd leg. The team with the higher aggregate score moves on to the second round. If at the end of regular play in the second leg an aggregate tie exists, the higher classified team moves on (the away goals rule is not used).

The two winners then play in a two-legged 'final' under a similar format with the higher-classified team at home in the second leg. The only difference being that if an aggregate tie exists at the end of regular play in the second leg, extra time is played. If the two teams are still tied after thirty minutes, the higher classified team is the one promoted.

In the relegation zone, the three last-placed teams (20th,21st and 22nd) are automatically demoted to Serie C1. If the 18th-placed team is 5 or more points ahead of the 19th-placed team, then the 19th-placed team becomes the 4th and final team to be demoted, otherwise the conditions for a playoff more commonly called playout exist.

If the playout is necessary, the 18th and 19th-placed teams are paired in a two-legged series with home-field advantage in the 2nd leg going to the 18th-placed team. The team with the higher aggregate score remains in Serie B while the loser becomes the fourth team relegated to Serie C1. If an aggregate tie exists at the end of regulation play of the 2nd leg, the 18th-placed team wins, and the 19th-placed team is demoted.

Champion clubs

Promotions by season

  • Italics denotes teams promoted after playoff or qualification match.
  • Parentheses denote teams not promoted.
Season Winners Runners-up Other promotions
1929-30 Casale Legnano -
1930-31 Fiorentina Bari -
1931-32 Palermo Padova -
1932-33 Livorno Brescia -
1933-34 Sampierdarenese (Bari) -
1934-35 Bari Genova 1893 -
1935-36 Lucchese Novara -
1936-37 Livorno Atalanta -
1937-38 Modena Novara -
1938-39 Fiorentina Venezia -
1939-40 Atalanta Livorno -
1940-41 Liguria Modena -
1941-42 Bari Vicenza -
1942-43 Modena Brescia -
1945-46 Alessandria (Pro Patria) -
1946-47 Gir. A: Pro Patria
Gir. B: Lucchese
Gir. C: Salernitana
Gir. A: (Legnano)
Gir. B: (Padova)
Gir. C: (Ternana)
1947-48 Gir. A: Novara
Gir. B: Padova
Gir. C: Palermo
Gir. A: (Brescia)
Gir. B: (Verona)
Gir. C: (Pisa)
1948-49 Como Venezia -
1949-50 Napoli Udinese -
1950-51 S.P.A.L. Legnano -
1951-52 Roma (Brescia) -
1952-53 Genoa Legnano -
1953-54 Catania Pro Patria -
1954-55 Lanerossi Vicenza Padova -
1955-56 Udinese Palermo -
1956-57 Verona Alessandria -
1957-58 Triestina Bari -
1958-59 Atalanta Palermo -
1959-60 Torino Lecco Catania
1960-61 Venezia Ozo Mantova Palermo
1961-62 Genoa Napoli Modena
1962-63 Messina Bari Lazio
1963-64 Varese Cagliari Foggia
1964-65 Brescia Napoli S.P.A.L.
1965-66 Venezia Lecco Mantova
1966-67 Sampdoria Varese -
1967-68 Palermo Verona Pisa
1968-69 Lazio Brescia Bari
1969-70 Varese Foggia Catania
1970-71 Mantova Atalanta Catanzaro
1971-72 Ternana Lazio Palermo
1972-73 Genoa Cesena Foggia
1973-74 Varese Cesena Foggia
1974-75 Perugia Como Verona
1975-76 Genoa Catanzaro Foggia
1976-77 Lanerossi Vicenza Atalanta Pescara
1977-78 Ascoli Catanzaro Avellino
1978-79 Udinese Cagliari Pescara
1979-80 Como Pistoiese Brescia
1980-81 Milan Genoa Cesena
1981-82 Verona Pisa Sampdoria
1982-83 Milan Lazio Catania
1983-84 Atalanta Como Cremonese
1984-85 Pisa Lecce Bari
1985-86 Ascoli Brescia Empoli
1986-87 Pescara Pisa Cesena
1987-88 Bologna Lecce Lazio, Atalanta
1988-89 Genoa Bari Udinese, Cremonese
1989-90 Torino Pisa Cagliari, Parma
1990-91 Foggia Verona Cremonese, Ascoli
1991-92 Brescia Pescara Ancona, Udinese
1992-93 Reggiana Cremonese Piacenza, Lecce
1993-94 Fiorentina Bari Brescia, Padova
1994-95 Piacenza Udinese Vicenza, Atalanta
1995-96 Bologna Verona Perugia, Reggiana
1996-97 Brescia Empoli Lecce, Bari
1997-98 Salernitana Venezia Cagliari, Perugia
1998-99 Verona Torino Reggina, Lecce
1999-00 Vicenza Atalanta Brescia, Napoli
2000-01 Torino Piacenza Chievo, Venezia
2001-02 Como Modena Reggina, Empoli
2002-03 Siena Sampdoria Lecce, Ancona
2003-04 Palermo Cagliari Livorno, Messina, Fiorentina
2004-05 Empoli Treviso Ascoli
2005-06 Atalanta Catania Torino

Complete team list

These are the 133 clubs which took part to the 76 Serie B editions played from 1929-30 to 2006-07.

Milan , Nocerina, Rieti, Scafatese, Sestrese, Trani

Which is the only italian team not present in this list?

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