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The extractor editor is used to identify the quantity of interest to be extracted from an ascii output file of a 3rd party solver. The main editor window presents the selected output file in a text editor, opened with read-only access. The user can then define the positions in the file, where the quantity of interests can be found.

Definition of a Response


Extractor anchor.png

An anchor is an identification string which is used to locate the position of a certain quantity of interest. It is defined by first selecting a reference string in the editor window. Then, a right mouse click will allow to add an anchor to the selected string through a context menu.


Extractor response1.png
A response is defined by selecting a numerical value in the output file. This numerical value is the quantity of interest to be retrieved at the end of each simulation. Once the location is defined, a right click will open a context menu which allows to define the response.

Extractor response2.png


Extractor outline.png
All the anchors and responses defined are summarized in the outline view. These can be easily accessed using this outline. A right click on a response or an anchor, either from the outline or from the editor window, will invoke a context menu that allow to delete the element or to modify its properties.

Anchor properties

Extractor anchor properties.png
  • Anchor text: the string that has been selected as reference in order to identify the position of the responses (cannot be modified).
  • Occurrence: defines if the quantity of interest is found after a certain number of occurrences of the anchor string. Default is 0, thus indicating the first anchor string occurrence.

Response properties

  • Name: the name of the response. This name also refers the name of the Connector & Model output.
  • Format: the number format. This format is used to convert the string found to a numerical value (i.e., double, integer or exponential format). A multiple definition of formats string can be used to extract more than a single value from a row. The output will be thus a vector.
  • Fixed count: the number of rows that have to be parsed to extract a value with the same format. The default value is 1. When this value is grater than 1, a vector output will be extracted.
  • Read until the end of the file: extract the values with the specified format until the end of the file. This feature is useful to extract values that are saved in a table format.
Extractor id properties.png

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