FWF-4 L269-N13 "Quality Assurance of Mechanical Systems and Structures"

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  • Approval date: 11.10.2005
  • Start: 01.02.2006
  • End: 01.02.2009

  • SAP-Nummern (Innenauftragsnummern):
    • Personal: FL002690
    • Sachmittel: ZFL002690

COSSAN-Engine (Matlab)

Check out COSSAN (CVS)

export CVSROOT=:ext:cossan@c810-s1:/home/cossan/COSSAN_CVS
  • change to directory $HOME/matlab/toolbox (e.g. /home/ik/matlab/toolbox); if this dir does not exist create it
  • type 'cvs checkout COSSAN-X'

Getting started

  1. Run the function initializeCOSSAN[1] with the appropriate root directory specified. E.g.:

  1. Note that to run this function you must be in the directory src/common relative to the main COSSAN root.