How to install software from ZID on your laptop

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1. Install Novell Client to your laptop

=> You can install it from the following link:

(You have to login with your username (ex: c84410) and password to access the page)

2. After you install Novell Client to your laptop restart it

Login with your username (ex: c84410)and mail password


Make sure you are using right keyboard language as you type your password

(you can change it by alt + shift)

3. To install a software (like ANSYS or MATLAB) from ZID:

Go to "Netzwerkumgebung" in your laptop => Click on Novell Connections

Then click on the tree figure (ZID),then UIBK -> COMMON -> VOL -> SWDL -> PCApps

There you will find different directories related to each program

Simply go in to the directory of the program you want to install and start the setup exe

4. To configure ANSYS FLEXLM license server:

At the end of the installation, choose client server and then enter following data:

Port = 1709 Hostname =

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