IfM Members Reponsibilities

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Area Main Responsible Co-Responsible Description
1 Teaching BG - Exams (Preparation, Pre-Grading, Grade-Submission), E-Campus, Lecture Room Reservations
2 IT – Hardware HMP EP PCs, Notebooks, Network Components, Peripheric Devices (Printers, Beamer, etc.); Purchase, Inventory, Maintenance, Repair handling, De-inventory, Disposal;
3 IT – Software EP HM Linux & Windows System Administration, IfM Website
4 Library BG MB Book Check out, Check in, Purchasing, Registering/Labelling, Conference CD's; Book Documentation & Ordering
5 IfM Documentation System /Archiving MAV HMP/PB Listen (MAV), Data archival FABS (PB), Forschungsleistungsdokumentation (HMP), Projektdatenbank (HMP)
6 Housekeeping HMP PB Repair handling, Plants, Office Supplies(PB), Office Equipment(PB); Purchase, Inventory, Maintenance, De-inventory, Disposal, Coffee Machine (PB)
7 Financial Administration HMP - Budget checks, Bill payment, Financial & Investment Planning, VIS-online, Contracts, Travel
8 Correspondence MB PB/EP Backends Databases and website (EP), address database, Mailing, Announcements & Newsletters, Seminar Announcements (Email & uibk-homepage), Email Archival; Preparation of Lecture Rooms for Seminars (PB) and Guest Lectures (beamer, laptop, cables; Travel Planning)

update by: HMP and EP 14:07, 3 September 2009 (ECT)