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The Image View allows the visualisation of Images.

Opening the View

  • After opening the View (Window -> Show View -> Other -> Image View) the Window looks as follow
Image view empty.png

Filling the View with Data

There are three ways to fill the View with Data


  • Choose an Image from the Figures-Folder that you want to visualise
Image view drag drop 1.png

  • Drag it to the View and drop it there
Image view drag drop 2.png

  • The View displays the selected Image and the output will look like this:
Image view filled.png

From Wizard

  • Right-Click on the Image-File
Wizard image file.png

  • Click on "Show Figure"
  • The Image View opens displaying the selected Image.

Out of the View

  • Click on the "Open Image"-Button to open a file dialogue. Choose the image to be loaded from your file-system.
Image view open image.png

  • The Image View opens the selected Image.

Valid Input

  • Image-File


  • The Options explained from left to right:
Image view options.png

  • Zoom In - To zoom in on an image to view the details in a higher image resolution.
  • Zoom Out - To zoom out on an image to view the details in a lower image resolution.
  • Show Original Image - Shows the image with the original size
  • Fit In Image - Fits the image onto the Image View
  • Open Image - Opens a file dialogue where the user can choose the image file to be displayed.
  • Open Help - Opens the Help


  • There are no restriction for the Bar Chart View

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