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The injector editor is used to insert the identifiers into the input files (ASCII) of the 3rd party FE solvers. Please note that the editor highlights the various fields in the input file according to the chosen FE solver type. Furthermore, the outline window on the right provides an overview of the defined identifiers within the file, providing an easy way to search through large input files.

Injector Editor full screen.png

Creating a new identifier

  • In order to create a new identifier, simply double-click on the quantity you would like associate with a random parameter.
  • Then, right-click on the highlighted string and select "new identifier"
Injector Editor adding identifier.jpg
  • Enter the name of the identifier

Injector Editor defining identifier.jpg

Editing the properties

  • You can edit the properties of each defined identifier by right-clicking on it.
  • Please note that for certain FE solvers, such as NASTRAN, ABAQUS or ANSYS, the editor have predefined format types. However, it is also possible to enter user-defined formats here.
  • The index value is used only if vector type of identifiers are considered.

Injector Editor identifier properties.jpg

You can observe the defined identifiers and their places in the whole input file using the outline editor:

Injector Editor outline window.jpg

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