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A model is used to represent a computer model and it defined by the combination of an Input and an Evaluator.

Computer Simulation

Evaluate the model

The Model can be evaluated by using the method deterministicAnalysis. This will used the (default) values defined in the Input to evaluate (run) the Model. See Deterministic Analysis for additional information.

Computer Simulation

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Where are the results?

The results of the analysis (simulation) are stored in a SimulationData object

What kind of analysis can be performed with a Model?

The Model can be used to perform Design of Experiment, Uncertainty Quantification, Sensitivity Analysis and Optimisation.

What about Reliability Analysis?

Reliability analysis requires first the definition of the so called Performance Function. This can be combined with the Model to form a Probabilistic Model

What is a method?

A method is an action associated with an object. It can be seen as a function (and it is called just like functions), with the object(s) passed in as one of the arguments.

Linked Tutorials

These tutorial can be open in Matlab by copy and paste the code shown here

Matlab.png open TutorialModel
To start the tutorial type the above command in the Matlab console

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