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The contents of the navigation bar which appears to the left of each page using the Monobook skin are determined by the MediaWiki:Sidebar page. For information on customising these, please see Manual:Navigation bar.

Update the current Navigation Bar

To update the name displayed on the Navigation Bar or change the link you have to edit 2 special pages. For instance if you want to update the item loosers you have to edit:

  1. the page MediaWiki:loosers
    1. this page contains the text displayed on the Navigation bar (e.g. The Loosers)
  2. the page MediaWiki:loosers-url
    1. this page contains the associate link (e.g. http:\\

Add new items

To add new items to the Navigation Bar it is necessary:

  1. edit the file LocalSettings.php, locate on the main folder of Wiki installation (/home/c810/public_html/wiki)
  2. add the new item on the array $wgNavigationLinks (replace newitemname with a name of your choise):
     array( 'text'=>'newitemname', 'href'=>'newitemname-url' ), 
  3. edit the file MediaWiki:Sidebar (You have to be logged into the Wiki with an adminstrator account to change these pages) and include the new items
  4. add the new page MediaWiki:newitemname that will contain the name displayed on the menu
  5. add the new page MediaWiki:newitemname-url that will contain the link to:
    • the wiki page: write the page name
    • external page: write the url address