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Matlab.png This tutorial is also available for Matlab in:
echodemo TutorialParellelSystem

Cossan image.jpg Tutorial for the graphical user interface
File -> New -> Tutorial -> Tutorial 7. Parallel System (see also Import Tutorial)

The aim of this tutorial is twofold. In fact, it will be shown how to perform system reliability analysis using the solution sequence object.

System reliability analysis allows to define an analyse a system composed by a number of different performance function and a tree logic that defines the failure criteria as a combination of basic event (i.e. the fault tree).

The solution sequence object allows the user to define customized solution and to used all the object and method available in the COSSANengine inside the graphical user interface.

In this tutorial the failure probability of a parellel system composed by 4 different components in parallel. The failure occurs when all the components fail.

This tutorial is based on the example #5 (pag.271) from the paper: [1].

Tutorial structure

This tutorial is divided in 2 parts:


  1. "A benchmark study on importance sampling techniques in structural reliability" S.Engelung and R. Rackwitz. Structural Safety, 12 (1993)

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