Parallel System (Reliability Analysis)

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This page shows how to perform reliability analysis of a system composed by 4 parallel components using the Solution Sequence object and the user defined analysis available in COSSAN-X.

Perform Analysis

An user defined analysis can be performed using the Solution Sequence object. The analysis starts pressing the green arrow at the top-right corner of the SolutionSequence editor or right clicking on the object of type SolutionSequence.

In the first page of the wizards the user has to specify the name of the analysis:


Then, the second page allows to define the settings for the high performance computing:


Pressing the finish button the analysis starts.


The results of the analysis are stored in the folder Userdefined Analysis as shown in the following figure:
The EngineOutput matlab file contains the objects computed by the SolutionSequence object: 
  • systemCutSet
  • systemPfMCS
  • systemPfImportance
  • systemReliabiliy

The objects can be listed opening the EngineOutput in the editor (i.e. doble-clicking on it). 

The details of each object can be visulized in the editor desciption panel. Furthermore, the values of the DesignPoint can also be visualized in a table and, subsequently exported in a CSV format.



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