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Random variables (see Random Variable (Theory Manual)) are used to model uncertainties. Configuring a random variable requires to set the following fields

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include fit RV

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Defines the name that will be used within COSSAN-X to identify the random variable. It should be selected carefully, changing the name of a Random Variable once other objects have been created may lead to errors. The name of the Random Variable should be compatible with the inputs of a Matlab script (see Mio (editor)) or with the identifiers used with a third party software (see Injector (editor)). The name is a mandatory argument of the Random variable.


Defines the description of the Random Variable: it can be used to improve readability, but COSSAN-X will not make any relevant use of it. This is an optional argument of the Random variable.


Defines the COSSAN-X project where a Random Variable must be created. By default, the current project is selected. This is a mandatory argument of the Random variable.

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