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The Risk Cluster is the computational cluster of the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty.

It is formed by 2 main sub-clusters:

  • Iru1-7 cluster running CentOS 6
  • Iru8-13 cluster running CentOS 7

The Risk cluster is accessible to all the members (staff and students) of the Risk Institute via University Unix account.

Bulbgraph.png NOTE: Log in node: iru1.liv.ac.uk

HOSTNAME N. CPU Total Memory
iru1 20 252G
iru2 24 252G
iru3 36 378G
iru4 24 96G
iru5 24 96G
iru6 24 96G
iru7 24 96G
iru8 48 62.9G
iru9 8 5.7G
iru10 8 5.7G
iru11 8 8.7G
iru12 8 17.5G
iru13 8 17.5G

Basic information

Access is only possible using the Secure Shell.

From Linux

When using ssh, it is possible to establish an X-windows connection to the system if you use the command:

ssh -X myusername@iru1.liv.ac.uk

You may find it convenient to configure X11 forwarding by default to local machines (see ssh_config(5)for OpenSSH, and note it is a security risk to do this to untrusted machines).

From Apple machines

For logins from Apple machines running OSX, use:

ssh -l "myusername" -Y iru1.liv.ac.uk

From Windows machines

There are several ssh clients for Windows such as PuTTY, SSH Secure Shell, and Cygwin which is not only an ssh client, but a bash shell environment and X server.

See [www.cygwin.com] for download instructions.

If you are using Secure Shell for Windows, start the application, and click the 'Quick Connect' button. Then enter the cluster name "cossan.cfd.liv.ac.uk" and your username. Leave the port set to 22, hit Enter, and when it prompts you for your password, enter your password.

If you want more than just a terminal window – e.g., if you want to open a graphics window – you'll also need an X-windows server (such as Exceed or Xming). In this case it's important to enable SSH Client "X11 Forwarding", otherwise applications cannot open a display window on your machine.

Transfer file

Command line companions to ssh are scp (to copy over files, possibly in a hierarchy)

    e.g. scp -rp mydir  myusername@iru1.liv.ac.uk:mydirectory  sftp (an alternative, but usually less convenient file-transfer program)    

e.g. sftp myusername@ulgbc3.liv.ac.uk File transfers from Windows systems can be done using the pscp or psftp features of Putty, which are Putty variants of the standard scp and sftp commands. Filezilla is another popular tool to transfer files among different machines. Once you are logged on, you are presented with a standard GNU/Linuxenvironment.

Exceed is an X window Server which enables you to simultaneously run multiple host-based X applications and Microsoft Windows–based applications.

Change password

Login using the ssh client or open a command-line terminal, than type the following command:


First, the user is prompted for their current password. If the current password is correctly typed, a new password is requested. The new password must be entered twice to avoid typing errors. Running passwd command with no arguments will allow you to change your own password.

Bulbgraph.png NOTE: Change password is available only for local user. If you use MWS account you need to change the password on your account using the university tool https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/csd/security/passwords/

Important.png Do not run analysis on the main node (iru1)
Please use other nodes to run your analysis and simulation

Useful resources

Here is a list of links to download useful programmes:

See also