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Matlab.png MATLAB compiler Runtume (MCR)

Verify the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) is installed and ensure you have installed version 7.13 (R2010a)

If the MCR is not installed, run MCRInstaller, provided in the COSSAN-X demo package then follow the instruction on the screen


Linux.png start the shell script

non-interactive mode

./ <mcr_root> <input_script> <output_file>

interactive mode


Mac.png start the shell script

non-interactive mode

./ <mcr_root> <input_script> <output_file>

interactive mode


Windows.png CossanEngine.exe

interactive mode:

double-clicking on the file CossanEngine.exe

batch execution

run CossanEngine.exe <input_script> <output_file>



MATLAB Compiler uses the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR), which is a standalone set of shared libraries that enable the execution  of M-files. The MCR provides complete support for all features of&nbsp MATLAB without the MATLAB GUI. For more information about the MCR, see the MATLAB Compiler documentation.


is the directory where MCR is installed on the target machine.


is a matlab script to be execute by COSSAN-X. 


is the filename of the output (matlab) file

 Files in the package Cossan (CossanDemo)

  • CossanEngine (Cossan application)
  • (shell script run to temporarily set environment variables and execute the application)
  • MCRInstaller.bin (Matlab compiler runtime)
  • Readme.txt

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