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Install Client


  • Download Software IBM Download Server
    • Note: Version 5.5 supports java5 and java6
  • Install the software (see below)
  • Start with dsmc (command line tool) or dsmj (gui tool) (found in the /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin directory)


  • Unpack the tar file
tar -xf
  • Install the software
    • Install it with alien
 $ sudo alien -i --scripts TIVsm-API.i386.rpm TIVsm-BA.i386.rpm


    • Install the RPM packages from the yum repository provided by ZID
sudo rpm -i  TIVsm-API.i386.rpm

Install Client on Windows

  • Download Software IBM Download Server You need to download [version]-TIV-TSMBAC-WinX32.exe and additional an language pack file
  • Install the Software
  • Configure TSM Client

Configure your TSM Client

Name Description
Node Name: Your Computers Name (Example: c810-lapcb)
TSM Server Name: adsm.uibk.ac.at
TSM Server IP:
User ID: the same as Node Name - lowercase
Password: The initial Password: newbackupc810 please change

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