Truss Bridge Structure

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echodemo TutorialTrussBridgeStructure

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File -> New -> Tutorial -> Tutorial 5. Truss Bridge (see also Import Tutorial)

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Description of the deterministic FE model

This tutorial shows how to train a mode-based meta model and compares the results of the meta-model with reference solutions.

The structure of interest consists of truss elements (see figure below).

Br aspect.jpg

Definition of the probabilistic model

The probabilistic model used in this tutorial is summmarized in the following table:

Summary of the Probabilistic Model

Structural Property

Distribution     Mean Value      CoV Value
Stiffness of the truss
Normal 1
Mass of the truss
Normal 1000


An excitation is imposed on the node #48 of the structure. The comparison between the FRF of the meta-model and of the full model are shown in the following figures for validation samples.

Br 1.jpg

Br 2.jpg

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