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Matlab.png This tutorial is also available for Matlab in:
echodemo TutorialTurbineBlade

Cossan image.jpg Tutorial for the graphical user interface
File -> New -> Tutorial -> Tutorial 9. Turbine Blade (see also Import Tutorial)

In this tutorial, a turbine blade structure will be presented, where the uncertainties in the material properties, e.g. young's modulus, is taken into account. 

Description of the deterministic FE model

The mesh of the FE model consists of 12,933 tetrahedral elements and 3,119 nodes, leading to a total of 18,714 DOF's. The structure is fully fixed at the bottom and subjected to inertial load in +y direction, corresponding to the centrifugal force due to the rotation of the turbine disc at a velocity of 12,200 rotations per minute. The analyzed blade has a height of 45 mm and the assumed material properties of the nominal model correspond to those of a nickel-based alloy, with a density of 8.9 g/cm3, a Young's modulus of 200 kN/mm2 and a Poisson ratio of 0.31.

Blade model.jpg

Analysis performed with this tutorial

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