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Update your Fedora

The new feature of Fedora allows users to easily download all the files needed to upgrade their distro, and then reboot into the installer without burning media.

  1. Install preupgrade
    • Current preupgrade version is 0.9.3, which is available in Koji for F8 and F7
  2. Run preupgrade GUI
    • preupgrade
    • you need the administrator rights to start preupdate
  3. Confirm that Fedora 9 appears in list of available versions
  4. Choose 'Apply'
  5. Confirm that packages are downloaded
  6. Process should complete with no traceback
  7. Reboot system and choose 'upgrade fedora' from boot menu
  8. System should start installer - configure network, keyboard, etc.
    • Network is still required for installation!
  9. Choose 'upgrade'
  10. Reboot into installed system

Update to Fedora 8

Download these packages:

open a terminal and write:

rpm -iUh fedora-release*.rpm

and then

yum upgrade

quite simple, isn´t it?


Problem: conflict during the updating with the SElinux

Error: hplip conflicts with selinux-policy < 3.0.3-3

Solution: remove the SElinux

 yum remove selinux-policy -y
 yum update
 yum install selinux-policy -y


If you can not run matlab and you got the following error message

MATLAB: xcb_xlib.c:50: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock' failed.

you have to reinstall the old X11 library.

rpm -i --force libX11-1.0.3-8.fc7.i386.rpm 
rpm -i --force libX11-devel-1.0.3-8.fc7.i386.rpm

NIS problem

to configure NIS edit the following files:

#sudo vi /etc/yp.conf 

and add the following line

domain ifm server

Then edit the file

#sudo vi /etc/nsswitch.conf

and modify the following lines:

passwd: nis files nisplus
shadow: nis files nisplus
group: nis files nisplus
rpc: nis files

Update to Fedora 7

The easiest method to upgrade your Fedora distribution is to download and install the following packages:

Then upgrade your distribution with the following command:

yum upgrade

Install from the network

  • Start your PC with a bootable CD (e.g. RESCUE CD of Fedora 7)
  • Chose FTP installation
    • ftp server: zid-luxinst.uibk.ac.at
    • folder: dist/fedora/core/7/i386/os
  • Continue the installation following the onscreen instructions

Install from local media

  • Insert the CD or DVD on the CD/DVD player of your PC
  • Turn on the PC
  • Follow the instruction that will be appear on the screen
  • Enjoy with FEDORA 7

--Ep 17:37, 1 June 2007 (CEST)

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