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Welcome to the COSSAN-Working Group Wiki

The COSSAN Wiki is written collaboratively by COSSAN working group members; with rare exceptions, its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the Web site.

Please, remember to assign (classify) the new page to one or more Categories (the how-to about the categories is here).


Cossan-x logo2018.png is the next generation software for Uncertainty Quantification and Risk analysis. COSSAN-X comes with an easy to use but powerful interface. It provides interfaces to interact with 3rd party software. A must have tool!!

COSSAN-X can either be launched locally on your desktop or remotely.

Read more: Category:COSSAN-X

OpenCossan Engine

OpenCossanLogo.png The openCOSSAN engine is a powerful Matlab toolbox for numerical analysis, simulation, reliability analysis, sensitivity optimization and much more. It represents the core of COSSAN-X.. Although it doesn't come with an user friendly interface, it is a invaluable tool for uncertainty quantification. Moreover, it is Open source project. This means you can use it for free, modify and redistribute the code.

Read more: Category:OpenCossan

Risk Cluster

Hpclogo.pngThe Institute for Risk and Uncertainty is maintain a "small" cluster name "Risk Cluster" that can be used for free by the all Cossan Users (from the University of Liverpool). Read More

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