General purpose graphical user interface (GUI)

Screenshot of COSSAN-X Graphical User Interface

COSSAN-X provides a very powerful, user-friendly, and interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) for its end-users. Developed in Eclipse RCP, the COSSAN-X GUI provides state-of-the-art wizards and graphical tools which construct a comfortable platform, allowing users to perform the various analysis tasks and explore the application functionality offered by the program, without the need for excessive training.

Available in all popular operating systems (i.e. Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac O SX), COSSAN-X GUI is designed to provide guidance to its users throughout each step of the analysis. More specifically, the GUI assists inexperienced users in both setting up problems, and selecting the most appropriate tools required for the problem at hand. As part of the process, users are provided with warning/error messages where necessary, as well as context specific help, enabling easy access to relevant user manual pages.

Furthermore in terms of interacting with the third-party FE solvers, the GUI offers a very powerful editor which makes the manipulation of the input/output files for these solvers an easy task.

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