COSSAN is a general purpose software package for uncertainty quantification and management, sensitivity optimization and reliability analysis.

COSSAN-X, which is the latest version of COSSAN, provides in this regard an efficient approach to integrate third-party (deterministic) software (e.g. Finite Element solvers), efficient numeric algorithms (e.g. Line Sampling) and High Performance Computing. Although nowadays FE codes are quite sophisticated in terms of geometrical and mechanical modelling capabilities, they usually neglect the important issue of inherent uncertainties. Stochastic methods, on the other hand, offer a much more realistic approach for the analysis and design of structural systems. For these reasons, it is crucial to link deterministic FE codes with the advanced tools of stochastic analysis.

The software offers the most advanced and recent algorithms for the rational quantification and propagation of uncertainties. Furthermore, since stochastic methods are in general computationally demanding, the resort of high performance computing is required in order to reduce the execution time (wall clock time) of the analysis. In this regard, the implementations available in COSSAN-X are coupled with the parallel computing features in order to be able to analyse realistic problems within feasible computational times. As a result, COSSAN-X has evolved as the all-in-one package software for the practitioners to perform Uncertainty Quantification (UQ), Simulation-based Reliability Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, Meta-Modelling, Stochastic Finite Elements Analysis (SFEM), and Reliability-Based Optimization (RBO) .

Overview of the features of COSSAN-X

Sample Applications

COSSAN sample applications are now available. Further details can be obtained from the Virtual Engineering Centre.

Please see the COSSAN-X media page for demonstration videos and related presentations

For a brochure providing an up to date overview of the COSSAN-X application, please click here.

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